Projects and How-To's

I crocheted this bag out of 100% cotton, worsted weight yarn.  I used a much larger hook size than needed in order to keep the netted look.
  • Ch 20, pm
  • Turn, and sc across, do not turn when you reach the end.
  • Sc across and continue in a circle until bag reaches approximately 7 in.
  • At the beginning of the row, ch 3, then sc in the next sc.
  • Sc 20, ch 3, and sc in next sc.
  • Sc 20 then do a slip stitch, cut yarn, and knot, weave in ends.
I found the hangers that don't leave a mark when you take them off, I bought the heavy duty ones (and they had a finish that went with my bathroom fixtures!)  After you hang the bag, put all the products you don't use every day in, just wash once a week!  

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